Tube Reprofiling Service

Operation Update 25/03/20

SPA is following all government guidelines on the current situation, we are monitoring this situation very closely and will keep you informed on all changes as these happen. We are still fulfilling all orders and doing our best to deliver these on time where possible.


Tube forming into Aero or oval section to meet the exacting demands of Motorsport and Aerospace, has lead SPA Design's to expand this service and supply "Standard" sections to a variety of diverse Industries and applications.

Tube sizes outside of the "Standard" are able to be produced to customer's specification, without the expense of additional tooling if the requirement is a variance on the listed Sizes. Both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Materials including exotics like Titanium can all be formed to our exacting quality controls.  The normal working length in thin wall tube encompassing all materials is 33" from an original tube of 40". However, in some cases depending on section and gauge, the working length can be increased too 2.8m from an initial length of 3.2m.

                      Want to know more about tube re-profiling?  Please contact us for more information or inquire about using our tube forming service.