Dynamometers - FAQ

How often do I need to re-calibrate my dynamometer?

Once again this depends on how much you use it and the conditions around it. Like any other high precision equipment accuracy is of the utmost importance, so if you move it from a dry warm workshop to a damp and cold trailer, then re-calibrate it to take into consideration the expansion and contraction of the material.

How regularly do I need to service my machine?

This will all depend on how much you use the machine. Dynos used on a day to day basis will require servicing more frequently than a dyno that is used once a week. As an example Penske Racing Shocks UK use their dyno all day, every day. This machine is serviced once every two years and in its 10 years of service has had no major components changed.

I have an SPA dynamometer, can you tell me the sample rate and if it is upgradeable?

If it is fitted with a V5 interface box it will sample at 10,000Hz sequentially. This can be upgraded to a V6 interface, which will sample the velocity, position and Load at 100,000Hz simultaneously.

What additional equipment do I need to run the dyno?

All you need is PC base computer with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10 installed.

What training is available to me?

For every new dynamometer we supply a free half a day training at our main site. We normally ask for you to bring your own computer and dyno so we can also train you in installation and setup. We can also make site visits for your training, but this will incur travel and accommodation costs.