8865-2015 FIA approved fire extinguishers

Operation Update 25/03/20

SPA is following all government guidelines on the current situation, we are monitoring this situation very closely and will keep you informed on all changes as these happen. We are still fulfilling all orders and doing our best to deliver these on time where possible.


A new range of systems specifically designed for rapid fire out and to conform to the strict new regulations imposed by the FIA (8865-2015) for the following race categories WRC, R5, T1, S2000, RGT, (GT3 for 2018) and other categories being added.

FAQ regarding 8865-2015

I/ I have been told I have to choose the correct system for my cockpit size, what must I do?

Answer: You need to work out the volumetric size of the cockpit in M³, once you have this value you may determine the system size required, SPA systems cover the following cockpit volumes 1.4 - 2.3m³ and 2.3-4.1m³, choose the system that your cockpit volume falls into

II/ I run a vehicle that uses E20 fuel, which system do I choose?

Answer: As part of the fire suppression system improvement the FIA stipulated that systems must be tested to the fuel used in the race event, so if you use E20 fuel then based on technical list 52 your fire suppression system must conform to Class II category, all SPA systems cover the following categories Class I Petrol, Class II Petrol + Ethanol up to 30% & Class V E85.

III/ If I have a smaller cockpit and use a smaller cylinder do I have a weight advantage?

Answer: No, the FIA require the smaller cockpit cylinder to be ballasted to retain an identical weight to the cockpit cylinder used in a larger cockpit, the ballasted section is designed into the system to make this impossible to remove by the end user.

IIII/ How many Nozzles does your system use?

Answer: We have one nozzle for the cockpit and one Nozzle for the engine, this setup makes for a very easy installation without any compromise on performance.

V/ Your system uses 2 bottles one for the engine and one for the cockpit, does this mean your systems are heavier than the competition?

Answer: We have two bottles as this gives excellent performance to each protected area, the combined weight of both bottles is 6.5kg, this is actually lighter than one competitors single bottle system by over 0.9kg and by over 2kg on a competitors 2 bottle offering, the advantage also due to the compact size of each cylinder is that these can be mounted in different parts of the vehicle allowing a more even weight distribution.

VI/ We are a race team, is it possible to get CAD data to model these into our vehicle?

Answer: Yes we can offer CAD data if required, please contact us through our sales email for this.

If you are unsure of what you require please call our Tech Team +44(0)1543 434 580