8865-2015 Fire Suppression system (Xtreme-X) Homologation EX.007.16

  • FIA 8865-2015 Lightweight high performance extinguisher system Xtreme-X FIA approved for Class I, Class II and Class V fire categories

    Brand new Lightweight FIA approved 8865-2015 high performance Fire Suppression system as required for WRC, R5, T1, S2000 and RGT applications during 2017 and GT3 2018.

    Rapid fire out performance

    Both systems use Novec™1230 fluid a Halon replacement, has zero ozone depletion, no GWP, leaves no residue and has no effect on delicate electronics, the preferred choice of the environmentally aware driver

    For use with all Petrol, Petrol + Ethanol up to 30% & E85 fueled vehicles

    Suitable for Cockpit sizes from 2.3-4.1m³

    Patent Pending nozzle design

    For the easiest of installations this system set uses just one nozzle for the cockpit and just one nozzle for the engine

    Combined bottle weight 6.5kg

    Bottle diameter 100mm



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