8865-2015 FIA approved fire extinguishers

A new range of systems specifically designed for rapid fire out and to conform to the strict new regulations imposed by the FIA (8865-2015) for the following race categories WRC, R5, T1, S2000, RGT, (GT3 for 2018) and other categories being added.

SPA offer a number of options for E85 fuels, regular unleaded race fuel as well as different cockpit sizes ranging from 1.4m³ - 4.1m³ 

Part of our design brief was to develop an easy to install product, in our quest to achieve this we developed a system that requires a single nozzle for cockpit installation and a single nozzle for engine installation, in achieving this we also created an extremely high performance system that rapidly knocks down fires in milliseconds, these new systems by SPA are a game changer in Motorsport safety

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